The largest casino in Europe built in Cyprus

Our company was the main supplier of outdoor plants for this massive project. It was a huge opportunity for us, and we are proud to have contributed to the casino’s beautiful outdoor space. We provided a wide variety of plants that enhanced the casino’s overall atmosphere, making it even more inviting to visitors. This project helped us establish our reputation as a leading supplier of outdoor plants in Europe.

Palmera Hotel Project

We were thrilled when one of our landscaping clients reached out to us to find a perfect palm tree for their hotel located in the Mediterranean coast. After careful consideration, we selected an impressive Butia Yatay, which not only looked beautiful but also thrived in the hotel’s climate. We worked closely with the client to ensure that the palm tree was planted in the perfect location to provide maximum impact.

The Moon Knight

Our collaboration with Marvel Studios as one of the plant suppliers for The Moon Knight show was a unique experience for our company. It was exciting to see our plants being used in such a big production, and we took great pride in contributing to the show’s overall success. After the show’s production, we were happy to give away the palms to the Budapest Zoo as a way to give back to the community./h4>

Asia exportations

We are specialized in the export of olive trees from Spain. In this example we show our first exportation, back in 2019. Due to the size of the olive trees, we used a Flat rack 40″ container to complete this delivery to one of our clients in Thailand.

Catalog of pallets

In collaboration with one of our biggest French wholesalers, we produce a catalog of more than 100 mixed pallets of plants of all kinds. In the first year, we were able to introduce our offer in 3 large distribution chains, selling more than 500 pallets in just 2 months. The following year, there were already 6 distribution chains and more than 2000 pallets.

This offer made it easier for mass market buyers to introduce plant formats that we knew would be successful and therefore increase their sales in this category in a very simple way.