Our broad portfolio allows us to provide the best plants to each of the different market players: Landscapers | Nurseries | Wholesalers | Purchasing centers | Groups of garden centers | Green spaces.

IF PLANTS was born with the aim of serving the best plants for the most demanding landscaping projects, but the market has led us to expand our customer typology. This is why we have a team specialized in each sector and we can meet the needs of any player in the plants industry.


We work with a large number of landscape architects and actively participate in their projects. We serve plants for private and public projects and we adapt to the required planting timings.



We help nurseries in other countries to complete their production range with plants and trees that allow them to increase their supply and therefore their sales.



We work with major wholesalers across Europe. They are our extension in their home country and together we plan productions and make large reservations for the different plant sales seasons.


Purchasing centers

Through purchasing centers, our plants can be found in supermarkets in several European countries. In addition, we have a wide range of plants served on pallets, which facilitates direct logistics to department stores.

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Chains of garden centers

We supply some of the largest groups of garden centers in Europe. We can deliver the plants store by store with partial shipments directly from Spain.


Green spaces

Plants are a real trend in public works, and we serve green space companies all over Europe. We have a wide catalog of trees in the ground or in pots.



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