Faithful to our founding principle, quality, we capture the essence of each partner producer to develop a selection that sets us apart and meets the requirements of our customers.

Our experts have implemented an innovative method that benefits both the producer and the customer: IF PLANTS en Primeur thanks to our
experience of visiting more than 300 nurseries we can give our customers the possibility of reserving the best plants while they are in production.

This method, widely used in the champagne and wine industry, allows
producers to guarantee that the customer receives the best plants at the
most convenient time.






We define ourselves as a service company. Our team is dedicated exclusively to meeting the needs of our customers and, therefore, we respond to all requests very quickly, within a maximum of 48 hours.

One of our greatest assets is our ability to find the plants our customers
are looking for or to be able to offer them alternatives to meet their needs.
In addition, thanks to our supply force, we are the company that brings together the largest stocks in the most qualified nurseries in our country.






Plants are a delicate element and their transport is essential to arrive at our customers in optimal conditions. This is why our plants always travel directly from our producers to our customers, without intermediate stops.

In this way, the plants suffer little, with the shortest possible transit time.
In addition, we work with logistics companies specializing in plants and we have a team of professionals entirely dedicated to managing the transport of plants.






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